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May 29th 2006
Yesterday I took Mirre and Djavi to the Neocat Burmese event. Because I took a wrong turn and had quite a detour, they were locked up in their carrier for quite some time.
Mirre doesn't like to be locked up anyway, but this was just too long. Besides the fact that she was a bit restless, protested quietly regularly and tried to open the door every now and again she behaved perfectly.
Djavi thought less of her restlessness. He had to move aside every time she wanted to make sure that he wasn't in front of a secret door. At some point he had had enough of it and let her know that with little grumbles. Next time I'll take them in separated carriers.
During the event (a mini-show) she behaved extraordinary well. At first she found it to be a bit scary so she crawled up to Djavi. When she realized that there was nothing to be scared about, she became curious and even played a bit.
Meeting the judge was not important, she rather went to explore. With a little persuasion she let herself be handled well. The judge was very pleased with her. Her only point of criticism was her tail. Under stress she pulls the last bone to the side. I don't think of it as a problem, but she had to write it down in her rapport. In the end my little lady received an EX1 and became BIS. Not bad! I'm very proud of her. Unfortunately the organization was short one cup, so we'll get that an other time.

Djavi did well too. He received an EX1 and only just missed becoming BIS. But he received a special prize: Judges Favorite Sweetheart.
The trip back home went smoothly and as soon as we were home everything was alright.
That's striking. After I come home from a show with Robbyn he used to withdrew himself for a while and he didn't want any contact with me or the other cats. After a few hours it would be over and he would be himself again.
Djavi has never behaved like that and Mirre hasn't shown any signs of stress either. That's good to know. Now we can look forward to the Neocat show in September in Nijmegen with confidence.

June 3rd 2006.
Yes, it happened, call the newspapers! It's unbelievable, but really true: Mirre is eating her kibble dry!!!!
Just like that, spontaneously, voluntary and all by herself.
So, that's out.
Isn't it marvelous? She was so hungry that she didn't wait for the meat and started to eat her kibble immediately. When she saw me walking into the kitchen she asked for it of course. I stroked her, praised her and sent her back to her bowl. She continued to eat, what do you think of that.
I thought I could repeat it the next day, but after 2 or 3 bites she came to me to tell me that she missed something. I gave her a tiny little bit and whatever was left I divided between the other cats.
All run out, there was no more left to give. So Her Highness finally did it. Will she become a big girl then after all?

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