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Sunday August 21rst, 2005.
Checked if my human cleans the litter trays well this morning. She does. She even put a nice thick layer of grit in them. Marvelous! Then I left her and went to play in the garden.
A lot of butterflies came by and it good fun trying to catch them. Unfortunately I wasn't very successful, but it was good fun. Played tags with Robbyn and when he was tired I chased Zohra. She doesn't play as well as Robbyn and when we play rough she stops much sooner. Pity. Apparently she is okay with the fact that I'm here, as long as it doesn't bother her. If I'm persistent ( and I'm really can) we do play tags occasionally, but she never wants to be it. If we play rough I'm not allowed to use my hind legs, but she uses hers to keep me at bay. If she is laying in a chair, I'm allowed to join her as long as I keep still. Actually she is a really strange cat.

Tuesday August 23rd 2005.
Got roasted last night and only because I washed my humans ears. Okay, I tried several times to take her earrings out, but only because that made it easier to wash her ears. She doesn't have to get so annoyed by that, does she? In the end I left, I know when I'm not wanted.

Thursday August 25th 2005.
Could go ont ot the garden this afternoon, although it was a bit chilly. So Robbyn and I played rough to stay warm. Tried several times to get Zohra to join in, but it appears she doesn't want to play with me. Don't understand why. She does play with Yottum and also with Robbyn, so why not with me?
After diner my human asked me if I had written my mum already. I totally forgot and it has been some time that she moved house. Maybe Robbyn can help me, it's his mum too after all.
When it was really dark, we were called in. If we come immediately we always get a cuddle and I like that very much. Took a nap on my humans lap, but not for long. I stretched out and Thia began to protest. When I didn't react to that, she hit me. So I left and found Robbyn in a chair. Went to lay down with him. He doesn't care if I want to stretch sometimes.

Friday August 26th 2005.
Went into the garden today and the temperature was much nicer now. My human picked berries. I always crawl under the nets so I can jump on her lap. She actually doesn't think that's funny, but she can't get angry with me. She always tickles me behind my ears. If I put on my motor, she's lost. So cool! Must remember that for when she's cross with me. Not that that happens very often, but still it might come in handy.
Darn, I still have to write to mum.... maybe Robbyn knows something.

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