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Saturday August 6th 2005.
In the afternoon my human came home, but we weren't allowed to go to her. She was dragging things up the stairs and made quite a noise. When she came down again, we were finally allowed through the door. Rob and I were terribly curious and ran up immediately. My human followed us.
She replaced half the room. Then she took the things she had dragged up and put them together, It appeared to be a bed. She told us it had belonged to grandma, but I don't know her. Rob told me he had visited her once together with our human. It was an old lady and she lived far away, for they had to go by car. Well, whatever.
whose bed that has been is of no importance to me. I find it much more important that the bed is ours now. So cool! Only....we already have a bed, don't we? Our human sleeps in it. She wouldn't be tired of us, would she? I'll admit, we do go a bit to far sometimes at night and then she grumbles at us. Would it mean that we are no longer allowed on the bed with her? No longer able to curl up against her? Not even crawling under the blankets when it's cold?

Sunday August 7th 2005.
last night I waited for my human to be asleep, just to make sure and then curled up against her. later I climbed under the blanket, because I was cold. When she woke up, I was still laing against her and she stroked me. Wouldn't she mind then? When I crawled out from under the blankets I saw Robbyn and Zohra were on the bed as well. They weren't chased of either. Guess I was worrying for no reason.

Monday August 8th 2005.

After my human came home and we had eaten, we went into the garden. It was a bit chilly, but by playing a lot I stay warm enough. At one moment only Robbyn and I were out. I don't know who told my human, because suddenly she was by the window, calling us in. I stormed in with Robbyn close behind me. The first thing that she did was giving us a firm cuddle, then she closed the window. Thought that was a bit of a dirty trick.
Thursday August 1th 2005.
Woke my human up this morning by laying on her ear and throbbing my motor as loud as I could. She woke up really well and we cuddled for a while. When she left I felt bit sorry for myself and then I went back to sleep. Luckily she came home quite fast.So I claimed her for my self so I could cuddle with her a lot. For the right variation I played some with Robbyn, but climbed soon back on my humans lap.
After dinner I was laying on her lap, when she asked me if I was getting ill again. I immediately shot up and looked at her, not understanding. She explained that I hadn't eaten all that much today. I mumbled at her reassuringly and lied down again. She didn't like that reply. So I mumbled some more and squeezed my eyes with reassurance. She was determined to find out, she poked me in the side and then turned my on my back. I smiled at her and suddenly I saw her face change. So I curious now, sat up straight and looked at her for an explanation. Then she told me my big teeth were coming through. That must have been the reason that I hadn't eaten all that much. She patted me on the head and stroked my ears. I didn't understand, but apparently all was well now and I curled up in her arms for a nap.

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