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Saturday July 25th 2005.
This morning my human left again, but luckily not for long. When she came home she opened the window, but I thought it was too cold so I stayed in.
At night we all lay on my humans lap, though it was a bit cramped. When I wanted to play with Zohra, she hissed at me and walked away. Then I curled up against Robbyn. He wanted to wash me continuously and because of that I couldn't sleep. So I sat down on the table for a while and after he fell asleep I went back. He woke up a little and washed me some more. Thankfully he fell asleep quite fast. Then I closed my eyes as well.
After eating my kibble I played a trick on my human. She had forgotten that the window was still open, so we all went outside. When she came into the room, she didn't see anyone of us. Then she closed the window and that startled me a bit, for I couldn't get back inside. Fortunately a light came on and she opened the kitchen door. She carried us inside one by one, because no one wanted to go himself. That didn't even make her angry. Swell!

Sunday July 24th 2005.
Wanted to explore the garden this morning, but the grass was still wet. Went back inside quickly. Only when the sun started to come through, I went back out. Played with Robbyn, chased Zohra and even Quibus at one time. Boy, can she run! You wouldn't think that fatso could.
If I curl up against Robbyn, he starts washing me. I like that. But if I want to sleep, he keeps me awake that way. Don't know how I can make that clear to him.
Discovered the fish tank tonight. Looked at it from the ground and then I discovered I could sit right up close. Cool! Theyswimm right passed my nose. Tried to catch them, but I couldn't. There is glass in the way. I did discover an opening, but only my paw would fit through it. Robbyn observed me the whole time from up top. I tried to see if there was another opening, but Rob said there wasn't one. I thought he was kidding me, but it appeared he was right. When I asked him about it, he told me that our human can get in, but we can't. Isn't that mean?

Monday July 25th 2005.
My human has accused me of theft. Whaaaat?!?!?!?! I was very indignant. How could she think that? She said she was missing things and that she had seen me with them. She went looking for them and then she found my secret hiding place behind the sofa bed. I keep important things there. I had put my duck, a couple of socks and her measuring tape there. Fortunately she wasn't very cross with me, but she wasn't happy that I hid things.
After games I climbed into the chair with Robbyn and Zohra. At first Zohra grumbled a bit, but if I behaved, I could join them. That's how our human discovered us. She reached quickly for her camera and wanted to take a photo of us, but I heard a beep and jumped out of the chair. Sha wasn't happy with that. She started to cuddle with them and I wasn't happy about that, because I wanted to be cuddled too. Just as I wanted to jump back into the chair, she walked away. So I waited for her to sit down on the couch and then collected my cuddle.

Tuesday July 26th 2005.
Played with Robbyn's shoelace last night. Even took it upstairs, into bed. All of a sudden my human put her foot on it. First I thought that was mean, but then I found it exciting too. Now I coult try and get it back. Just when I was really going for it, she grabbed teh shoelace and hid it. I tried to see where she put it, but I couldn't find it anymore. Complained to Robbyn, because he had been sitting on the bed watching me. He said he couldn't help me. According to him we aren't allowed to play with our toys on the bed. If we do it anyway, she takes the toy away. Bummer. He could have told me earlier!

Wednesday July 27th 2005.
After breakfast this morning I couldn't go outside. The window was closed. Called out loud that that had to be a mistake, but it didn't help. My human ceaned the litter trays, gave us a treat and left. Even at the front door she too fast for me. This is a bad day.
It was almost evening before she came back with bags filled with things. No one was allowed to touch them or get in them. For a moment there I thought I had managed it. I climbed into a bag, but unfortunately it was already empty. I knew today wasn't my day.
After diner we were finally allowed to go outside. It was short lived fun, because it started to rain and not just a little bit. Apparently I have, what the call, an "off day". Climbed on my humans lap for a cuddle and nap. I'm done with today.

Thursday July 28th 2005.
Got another treat when my human left again. The others eat it immediately, but it rolled so nicely.... I didn't even notice that she went out the door. When she came back, she opened the door and window. I thought it was much too hot outside and stayed in.
Did something strange in the evening. Don't really know what exactly. All of a sudden I had a filthy taste in my mouth and I rattled my teeth and I had foam on my mouth. My human got scared, picked me up and tried to look inside my mouth. The foam was in the way, so she put it off with her fingers. Then she put me on my back and pushed my mouth open. I struggled, because I didn't want that. She explained that she didn't mean it like that, but that she was afraid that I had been stung in my mouth. I felt no pain, so that wasn't it.
Suddenly she discovered a patch on my shoulder where there was a smelly substance.She called it resin. She tried to wipe it off, but she didn't succeed. Then she took out a pair of scissors, held me tight and clipped it from my fur. Now I have a bold shoulder. That smelly stuff is off now, But I look a mess. Was so tired after all that that I took a nap. No, not on her lap, just beside it!
Took revenge at night by prowling around. That appeared to be a bad idea. She came out of her bed, grabbed me by my scruff, said a lot of angry things and put me down by the stairs. Went downstairs after that.

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