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Friday, August 9th 2002.
Seen a beautiful bright spot: my human has a holiday, three weeks long. She has promised to finally work in the garden, so we can go outside and nobody can escape over the fence. Well I don't know the garden, but Yottum told me with fire how beautiful and wonderful it is. Why he wants to escape over the fence is beyond me. Well, I'll see when the time comes.

Tuesday, August 13th 2002.
This afternoon my human was away for a few hours and when she came home, I wanted to grumble at her, but the others began to bellow enthusiastically. I didn't understand a thing, but when I looked closely, she had a big role with her. That's mesh, according to the others. It appears therefore that we can soon go outside. Cool!

Wednesday, August 14th 2002.
This morning after breakfast I was put on a harness. No idea why. It's not really comfortable, but fortunately it's not too tight. Suddenly my human picked me up and takes me to the garden. Quib, Yot and Thi had to stay inside. I didn't understand anything about it. My human snapped a string onto my harness and then put me right on the grass. So I went to investigate. All new smells and my paws feel strange things. Very interesting. After half an hour she took me back inside and the harness came off. The other cats looked almost green with envy. I was allowed to walk around in the garden and they could only watch through the window.
In the afternoon my human went into the garden and attached the mesh to the fence. When she was finished, we were allowed in the garden. PARTY!! My human grabbed a chair and sat down to watch us.

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