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Saturday, June 22nd 2002.
Perhaps I'm mistaken and the otherwise perhaps the wish is the father to the thought .... Already a few times I noticed that Thia didn't growl at me when she met me. She has even come and lie beside me on my humans lap a few times, without ugly remarks. Would she begin to get used to me?
While my human was busy changing our pillows, Quibus opened the refrigerator. Yottum made such a racket in the looting that Quibus went off and my human came. Thia was quickly enough. Yottum had an piece of liverwurst and was therefore slightly slower. He ran, unfortunately for him, growling loudly into our room. My human closed the door, grabbed him by the scruff and took away the liverwurst, totally unimpressed with his growling. She didn't let him take a crumb. I watched carefully. If I ever steal anything, I will run upstairs. If I sit under the bed, she could never tackle me.

Friday, June 28th 2002.
My human has brushed me again. That still gives me mixed feelings. The attention is wonderful and the feeling, well there is nothing wrong with that, it's simply delicious. But the brush itself .... I'm not sure what to think of it. It is a strange hard thing. If I hit it, I hurt my legs. When I bite in it, I almost break my teeth or I get a mouth full of hair. My human always says that I shouldn't do that, but I'm just a cat. Maybe I should listen to her some more.
I was just brushed when my human said that visitors were arriving. It turned out to be her parents, just back from a holiday. They sat chatting, but not for long. When they had gone, I asked what a holiday is. That was a terrible thing: You grab your stuff and go somewhere else to live temporarily, preferably where it is very different than usual. Would I be on holiday? Should I be going back to my previous home? It cost my human a lot to reassure me. As it turns out I've moved, that's something like it yet a little different. Well, thank goodness I can stay here.

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