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Saturday, May 11th 2002.
Hurray! Slept with my human last night. After my evening snack Quibus appeared to be on the windowsill and there was a door open that was normally closed. Naturally I was curious enough to go to investigate. The space that I found was not so big, but very interesting smells here and there. Didn't see my human, so I called her. Well let her answer! Her voice came from above me, but how could I get there? I had overseen the stairs.
Went up. There I found not only my human, but an entire floor that I didn't know. Immediately I started exploring. When I was tired, I crawled against my human. Slept deliciously, we should do that more often.

Beginning to realize that if my human calls out "Zohra!", she means me. Don't always listen, that's much more fun. Then she comes for me. Playing with Yottum is always fun. We play tags sometimes and then I'm it. Sometimes we play peekaboo and then one of us is in a box and makes a sudden attack on the other. Very funny, too bad it always lasts so short.

Monday, May 13th 2002.
Didn't do much else than lay on the couch with my human and occasionally take a nap. Yet now and then I have to loose my energy. Therefore I raced around the room a few times, went up and down the climbing wall a few times (is very tiring, but fun), and played with my mouse and the other toys and played tig with Yottum. He dares to play ever more and wilder and I can't have it wild enough. Yet I have to watch out, because he is much bigger, heavier and stronger. So when he wants to jump on me with two legs simultaneously , I soon dive aside. He could crush me.

Tuesday, May 14th 2002.
Quibus cautiously starts to act less bad. She mostly ignores me and apparently she has now found out that it doesn't help and that I will no longer go away. Now she starts to accept passively that I run around here as well. She hasn't been really ugly to me for a while, and now as we meet we nose good morning. Really playing with her won't be possible, she is quite lazy and prefers to be alone.
Thia still isn't very willing. She is often so grumpy that she even slaps her brother against his head. Yet there is progress. She walks through the room and starts to claim my human . Always wanting to lie on her lap. I'm bumped out by that, because I may not join her. My human has explained that Thia has always been on her lap a lot, so she has the oldest rights, but now I'm here and she should get used to that. Finally Yottum has also gotten used to me living in one of his baskets. That's similar, right?

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