Monday, 24 February 2020



Early in the morning the board of the Burmese Breed-club is already present and after the cats have been installed in their cages, the decorations are put up. In the meanwhile the tables are covered with all kinds of tasty things.

To start there was coffee and tea. To compliment that there was the choice between 3 kinds of fruit-pie and cakes. On top of the cages bowls with candy were placed.

At 10,00 o'clock the party could really begin.

But not before a honorary membership was awarded to mrs. Nel Groenhuijzen for years of good council, advise and assistance, enormous effort and heartwarming dedication.

Once she overcame the surprise, the Burmese stand could be opened.

One could buy all kind of goodies for both cat and man, but also get access to knowledge and information.

To involve the public more with the special there was an election held. On every cage were forms on which the public could write down which Burmese (or Bombay or Burmilla) was the sweetest, the cutest or the prettiest.

The public was busy deliberating, comparing and thinking. All votes were collected. Mid-afternoon the voting was stopped and all votes were counted.
There was a nice price for the winning cat and it's owner. And among the public that had voted for that particular cat there were 3 prices too.

At lunchtime the inner human wasn't forgotten. There was white and brown French bread and 4 kinds of salads. Besides that there were current buns as well. Coffee and tea were constantly available.

To bring some extra attention to the Special and to put the Burmese even more in the spotlight, there was a stage-presentation.

A lot was explained about the Burmese in their different colours and about the Bombay and the Burmilla.

Judges Jannie Geelen and Klaas van de Wijk and their stewards were very busy judging all the cats. Jannie judged the Burmese in cream and all the torties.

Klaas was allowed to judge the Burmese in lilac, blue and red. The Bombay's and Burmilla were judged by him too.

At the end of the day the show-results were made public on stage:

CACIB, Best in Variety, Best in Show, Best of Best:
Nimble Nymph's Amazing Phèdre
(bur. Cream)

CAPIB, Best in Show:
Nimble Nymph's Born to be Bryn
(bur. Cream)

CACIB, Best in Variety, Best in show:
Auerberg's Ice Boy-Ito
(bur. Lilac)

U1, Best in Variety, Best in show:
Hey Leila of the Seaside
(bur. Choc. tortie)

BIV Red and Cream

BIV Choc-tortie and Bombay

The rest of the exhibitors were given the next results:

Nux Tharaka (bur. blue): CAC
Nut Tharaka (bur. lilac): U1
Nimble Nymph's Charming Charo(bur. red): CAC, Best in Variety
Nimble Nymph's Courtly Carmen (bur. cream): CAC
Hapy Tharaka (bur. cream): U1
Rhea Tharaka (bur. blue-tortie): CAC
Aung San Suu Kyi Myingyan (bur. choc.tortie): CAPIB
Tenfold Douala (bur. brown-tortie): CACIB
Tenfold's Tic Tac Toe (bur. brown-tortie): CAP
Carina van d'Ekster (bombay black): CAPIB
In Vino Veritas van d'Ekster (bombay black): CAC, Best in Variety
Aither Golden Moonbeam (burmilla black shaded silver): CACIB

Just after 17.00 o'clock the show was closed. The exhibitors packed up their cats and belongings and went home. The board, helped by a few others, cleaned up everything, so that the Burmese-square was left neath and tidy.

Via e-mail were received a few reactions:

Sunday was a very pleasant day and what a lot of work you will have had as an organization with all the preparations and executing it all. I take my hat of to you all!!! All the best,

We enjoyed it very much last Sunday and we will surely come again. We won't wait till 2012. So let us know when you'll go to show next time.

With kind regards,

* Jonas Calu
* Wim Groenhuijzen
* Henk van der Heijden
* Petra Tas
Stage photo's:
* Albert Reilingh

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