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The Burmese and Ocicat are lively cats that live easily to be 15 years or even older. Especially the Burmese gets attached to his/her people. It is therefore the very best if the kitten that you buy, can stay it's whole life with you. Are you really prepared to care for this fantastic being for so long? If so, feel free to contact us.

Occasionally kittens are born, who grow up in the living room together with the other cats. A Burmese cat can't live alone, it needs a buddy. The Ocicat is also very fond of company. Therefore kittens are only sold to households that already have a cat, unless two kittens go to the same address.

The kittens are fully vaccinated for the first year, dewormed and have a registration chip, pedigree and passport when handed over.

"Life is what happens while you are busy making plans"

- John Lennon -

With other words: I can want and plan things, but sometimes Mother Nature has something else in mind. Or one of the cats. Or just life itself.

In the planning for 2021:

Nimble Nymph's Magical Machi x Valentino of Magicat

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