Monday, 24 February 2020



After waiting for about 3 years it finally happened: my first Ocicat was born. A beautiful black-silver spotted father and a gorgeous blue mother had four stunning children in the colours blue and blue-silver. Three daughters and a son.

Although I had been looking at a tawny or chocolate kitten at first, I fell in love with the blue mother. Only to fall head over heels in love with her daughter. But how was I to tell them at home that there would be a new addition to the family? And that it wasn't going to be a Burmese?

It's been about 6 years since the last kitten form outside my cattery entered my home. How would they all react? I estimated that the oldest cats would all remain calm and let things be and that the youngest would have the most difficulty with it all.

I was partially right. When Lani came to meet the group she hissed and grumbled at every cat. And when that wasn't enough to keep them at a distance, she would try to slap them with her nails stretched out. Yeah, that's the way to make friends! Never before has a kitten come into my home with such fierce behaviour.

The youngest (mum and two 19 week old kittens) hissed back just as fierce and ran away. They withdrew themselves to the next floor. Since Lani didn't know then how the cat-flaps worked, they could stay well out of her reach. Really clever little rascals!

My middle and youngest males (both neutered) were very afraid of this little girl. They probably still had the outbursts of rage from the mum of my kittens fresh in mind. The boys didn't take any chances. They hissed back and walked around her in wide circles.

The oldest cats looked surprised at her when she was at it again, but didn't take any further notice of her. My 6 year old Mirre is a mother in heart and soul. She saw something in this little girl and the possibility to adopt a spotted child. She offered herself explicitly, but without imposing. It was wonderful to see how she went about it.

Within a few days things had settled for the most part. The kittens started to carefully play with each other. The boys learned that all that hissing didn't amount to anything and started to relax. Mirre's efforts paid of. After just 5 days Lani was suckling with her. This to the complete satisfaction of the both of them.

The fierceness of her reaction to all those new cats is now put away for those moments she really needs it. Like a car-drive to the vet, however sweet she was to the vet himself.

I look forward to watching her grow and mature. Undoubtedly the Burmese will have their influence to her fiery nature. But to what extend only time will tell.

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