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Sometimes you're out of luck, sometimes all runs smoothly.

On August the 5th four little Burmese kittens were born here and in no time they grew up to be little cats with endearing faces and likewise characters. Very nice to see and to compare them (for as far as that goes of course) with their brothers and sisters from the litter that was born over a year and a half ago from the same parents.

Even before they were born, I had the luxurious position that all kittens would have homes to go to. So I had told the kitten-mediation that I would have nothing for them. Sad for them, but rather nice and easy for me.

One of the female kittens seemed to have very little luck. Originally she would go and live with a nice couple in Deventer together with her sister. But when they heard that their brother had become available, they choose to trade her in. That was no problem at all, there were plenty of other people interested in the kittens.

One after the other announced themselves by phone and e-mail. I even had to create a waiting list. We made appointments so the admirers could come and visit and meet the kittens. To our surprise one time no one showed up at the appointed time. Not even an e-mail or phone call to explain things.

So we made an appointment with the next person on the list. Those people were overjoyed that they were able to come over. They hadn't dared to hope for that. Getting acquainted went ever so pleasant and Deeba was on her best behaviour. These people wanted some time to think things through, before making a decision.

While they waited for Deeba to become available, they had found two kittens available with another cattery. Of course they needed to think what they would do. Take those two kittens, one of them with Deeba or even all three. After a week they had reached a decision: they would take the other two kittens.

Well, that's how the ball can roll and all of a sudden Deeba was the only kitten at home. In the mean time her sister Damini had moved to Sweden. And a week later Dhipin and Dulari moved to Deventer. But she amused herself well with the family here in the house.

Especially big brother Bryn was her favourite. From the moment she crawled out of the delivery box, she went looking for him invariably. Playing, washing, sleeping together. On one hand it's really a weird sight: Goliath playing with David. On the other hand it's a pleasure to watch them. They get along very well.

When the end of the waiting list came in sight, I decided to e-mail the kitten-mediation after all. The more people that know there is a kitten looking for a golden basket, the sooner it is found. In the meanwhile I adjusted my website and informed a few befriended breeders. For the rest all we could do was wait. Right?

Deeba didn't quite agree with that. She started her charm-offensive on me. She behaved exemplary, was sweet and cute and funny and.... Couldn't she just stay? Well, how can you say no to that flat out?

We are thinking things through very carefully now. What are the advantages of her staying? What are the dis advantages? What were the plans for the future? Can they still go on or do the need to be changed or adjusted?

It will probably take a while before we have sorted out everything. But is she is to stay, I'm sure you'll hear of her again.
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