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n December 2008 Mirre had a beautiful litter of kittens that all found a new home. In the summer of 2009 it was the turn of her daughter Phèdre. She too had a wonderful litter and the last kittens left that Autumn. At the end of the year I thought it would be nice if Mirre had another litter. Because the combination of her and Ice Boy had delivered such beautiful and lovely kittens, we had agreed to repeat that combination. So I stopped giving her the birth control pill. From then on all we could do was wait for her to get in heat.

Mirre wouldn't be Mirre if she didn't do things her own way and in her own time. She had made that perfectly clear in the previous years and now it was the same. January and February passed without anything happening. In March she had a phantom pregnancy. Hurray, her hormones were awake. Yeah, but daughter Phèdre and granddaughter Charo were too. Mirre's milk-glands had swollen very much and those two suckled with pleasure.

After a period of over 6 weeks going in and out of phantom pregnancies, I had had it. I took Mirre for a visit to Ice Boy, hoping she would like to stay with him. Then no one would suckle on her nipples and who knows, maybe she would get into heat. Mirre wasn't too pleased, she doesn't like to drive by car.

Once she had relaxed after arrival, I took her to Ice's quarters. She looked at him and immediately started to growl softly. Ice had no problems with that. He paraded up and down for her and whispered lovely words to her. Mirre wasn't impressed. When he started to sing for her, it proved to be too much. She jumped at him and started to hammer her paws against the mash. What was he thinking?

Ice didn't take any chance and withdrew to the back of his quarters to think of a new plan of approach. After a small pause (in which Mirre calmed down, but kept on growling softly) Ice came to her again. He started to whisper to her. When she remained listening calmly, he switched to reciting poems. The first was very romantic (Mirre listened stoically). The next was funny (and Mirre secretly laughed in her paw).

Because he thought he had touched the right cord, Ice kept on reciting. He felt more and more confident and Mirre let him go on. Until he, in his enthusiasm, started to recite a shabby one. Mirre wouldn't hear of it and started pounding the mash to ventilate her dissatisfaction. So Ice withdrew to the top shelf of his scratching pole. After that Mirre turned her back to him.

To prevent the situation from escalating further, I took Mirre away again. So she wouldn't stay with this handsome fellow. Even though it didn't have the desired outcome, there was a positive side to it all. Mirre didn't show any phantom pregnancies anymore! So our visit hadn't been in vain. The next few weeks nothing happened at all.

By the end of May she finally got in heat. Not roaring loudly, but really in heat. Just needed to wait and see if it would develop (and it did), so we booked a room next to Ice Boy. After a nice little drive we arrived in the evening at her lover's address. Of course Mirre had turned a trick again. She doesn't like the car-drive, remember? At arrival she appeared no longer in heat. * sigh *

After staying over for a day and a half, her hormones woke up and she got in heat again. But she still didn't like Ice. That took another day. After that the two were put together and that went very well. Both enjoyed the company and they had a great time together. But they didn't mate, so we had to wait some more.

Wait for the next time she would get in heat, wait for Mirre to cooperate and wait for Ice's skills. I'm sure one day they will produce some offspring, but when....? Only our dear Lord knows.

Over a week later I had Ice's boss on the phone. During our conversation I heard a cat roar and surprised I asked who it was. It seemed Mirre had gotten in heat again. Roaring like mad, but still not prepared to let Ice mate her. Luckily that did happen a few days later and they mated several times. Now all we have to do, is wait to see if she is pregnant, but that story is for next time.

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