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Waiting seems to take forever. Mirre was already ten months old and still she hadn't been in heat. Was there something in our water? Was she a late-bloomer? I had to be patient a little longer. So Mirre became 11 months and then a year old and still nothing happened. In November my mum stayed here and she told me that Mirre was so fond of cuddles, she just couldn't get enough of it. That was no news to me, I knew her to be like that for a long time. But she started to get more affectioned and she became more vocal. She started to eat poorly again as well. And then....I finally got it. Mirre was in heat at last. Not excessively roaring, but unmistakable. She practically stuck to your hand like glue, when patting her. She was calling loudly in the room or the hall and was very agitated.

Just before bedtime I heard something that sounded like a cat dragging a piece of closing. With two wool-eating cats in the house a sound I recognize easily and do not want to hear. So I got out of bed. It appeared to be Robbyn, who was dragging Mirre around. He held her by the scruff, stood over her and didn't seem to know what to do next. So he dragged her along and Mirre, ever so much in heat, let him stoically. She only refused to be dragged down the stairs. So she put the breaks on. Robbyn, a true gentleman, let her go. Mirre walked into the bedroom again and sat herself down, calling for male attention. Robbyn followed her into the room, grabbed her by the scruff again and dragged her along. It kept him very busy.

In the end I intervened and took Mirre away from him. Normally he doesn't appreciate me intervening, but now he seemed relieved. His step-by-step plan only knew two steps, he had lost the rest. His younger brother was of no help, he did not respond at all. He was very busy for a few days and was glad to find that Mirre was no longer in heat.

A little month later it happened again: Mirre was in heat once more. A bit louder than last time, but quite livable. As if Robbyn remembered all that hadn't worked last time, he wasn't tempted into action this time. He chucked it in. So Djavi took over. His step-by-step plan did include the third step. So besides grabbing her by the scruff and climbing over her, he knew what was required next. But aiming wasn't his strong point and Mirre's wiggling behind didn't help either.

Because both boys have been neutered, Mirre ended up in heat again some time later. The pause had only lasted for two weeks his time. For safety's sake I called the breeder. She agreed that a pause of only two weeks was a bit much and suggested the pill. I had already thought of that, but her body needed to regulate itself. I wanted to wait a bit, maybe next time it would take a little longer. I could think again! After a pause of two weeks she was in heat again.

She vocalized much more, but didn't become much louder. The boys had divided the chores and took turns trying to satisfy her. Of course that didn't work, which sometimes was cause for frustration and more roars from Mirre. I sympathized with her, but not to the point of needless roaring. So every now and again I told her: “Mirre, that will do.” That was no concern of her and was also reason of even more frustration. Mirre went to the hall or upstairs and roared there. After a while she would come back in looking pleased. Apparently it relieved her.

At first I thought it was a coincidence that she left the room to roar. After a few times it struck me that she usually did so, in reaction to my complaining. After my complaining she could look at me as if I had insulted her, only to disappear to the hall to roar out her frustrations. After doing so, she would come back in, relieved, only to turn the boys heads. Robbyn was able to watch his brother perform the third step often enough. So after some time and some practice he had mastered step three as well.

I didn't let things drive me crazy and in January I went to my vet. The boys were worn down and Mirre was getting skinnier by the day. It was high time to put her on the pill. Every three weeks she would get one tablet and with that the peace returned. She was allowed to gain her weight and she did so quite well.

Because I still found her to be a bit small, I didn't want to mate her until she was 18 months old. Then she had time to grow a bit. To my surprise I was told at the show in Utrecht by several breeders that she wasn't small at all. Even the judge reported her to be a beautiful and well sized cat. My reference material apparently was quite large. Of course I couldn't compare her with the boys. But Zohra is a girl and evidently quite a firm one.

In April she will be mated, so we must stop giving the pill in time. First she needs to have been in heat two times before she can get mated. So fingers crossed that everything will go well. It's going to be exciting, but I think we are ready for it.

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