Monday, 24 February 2020



Were you able to sleep with this heat? In my bedroom the temperature wouldn't drop below 25 degrees centigrade. That's warmer than I like it to be. Luckily I have a ceiling fan to keep it a bit more pleasant. If you have had no inconvenience, but like to experience a bad night's rest, I have a recipe that will definitely work.

One takes a bed in a warm room. It's not necessary to let it warm up by solar energy, the central heating works just as well. Next one opens a window to catch a bit of fresh air. Then lay a lightly sleeping person in that bed and make sure you have a new Burmese kitten of about four months old. If you have more Burmese cats, all the better. The darlings must have access to the bedroom, otherwise things won't work nearly as well.

So there I was, covered by the corner of my blanket, enjoying the soft breeze. On top of the blanket lay my new addition: Djavi. I just started to drift away, when he decided that it was too cold for a good night's rest.

So he got up and climbed on my pillow and in my neck. Two little paws step on my head and and he flops down his body on my ear. Than he blissfully puts on his motor and throbs me awake again. He starts to wash his paws and tries to wash my ear as well, but I've put my hand there already. I know my rascal, and yes he tries to take of my earrings next. When that doesn't work, he tries to remodel my hair by licking it.

Wonderful feeling: a grater over your skin. So I push him aside. That doesn't work, less than minute later he licks my hair again and moves towards my ear. So I put my hand over my ear. No problem, he'll lick my fingers. I pick him up and put him in front of me under a piece of blanket. For a moment all is quiet, but then he starts to wash my chin. I put my hand between us and mumble grumblingly.

Totally unaffected by this, he climbs in my neck again to flop down next to my ear this time. When his snout moves to my ear again, I mumble a curse and push his head firmly to the side. Apparently he finally gets it that I'm not in the mood for a washing and with a sigh he lays himself down next to my ear, throbbing as loudly as he can. He throbs the annoyance out of me. Slowly the throbbing quiets down and together we start to fall asleep.

Then I move my leg under the blanket and before I know it a little Burmese cat is scratching and biting like crazy in the blanket. So I manoeuvre my other leg in the right direction and place my foot between cat and blanket. It takes a moment before he realizes he can't get to my leg, no matter how hard he tries.

Then I'm stupid enough to move my leg again and the whole game starts over. Several times I move my foot under the cat, pushing him away. He is quit stubborn. Then his big brother Robbyn comes to take a look at what is happening.

My legs and feet aren't all that interesting to him, his struggling brother all the more. After a tap and another tap, it gets through to Djavi that he is no longer alone. He asks his brother to help him catch the prey under the blanket, but Robbyn has other plans. Instead of playing around with what is out of reach, he much rather plays around with a "willing" prey. Before I know what is happening, it's like a circus on my bed.

Robbyn knows me quite well and he recognizes the harsh words I mumble. When things are about to go wrong, he takes off and lets Djavi take the heat. Of course I don't snap at him, but I make it clear beyond any doubt that I FINALLY WANT TO GET SOME SLEEP!! Djavi protests a little, jumps off the bed, looking for other and better adventures.

I hope this summer will bring more good weather, but preferably not too hot. Maybe I should consider keeping the cat gang out off the bedroom.'s quite cosy and especially in wintertime quite practical because of the warm water bottles in fur. Must think of a place for the new one. Luckily it's not winter yet.

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