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Genetically, the Burmese belongs, like the Siamese, the albino series, which we find the order of dominance:
-full-colored (indicated by C)
-Burmese-markings (indicated by cb)
-Siamese markings (indicated by a cs)
-albino with blue eyes (indicated by CA)
-albino with pink eyes (indicated by c)

The genes for recessive Burmese and Siamese markings suppress the entire pigment formation, so the cat is not quite evenly coloured, but only the ends have a lighter colour and body colour shows even less. This is more strong so for the Siamese than for the Burmese. Thus a genetically black cat with two genes for Burmese markings becomes a brown Burmese (genotype aacbcbDD). This is similar for a seal-point Siamese (genotype aacscsDD). For a brown Tonkanese the genotype is aacbcsDD, a solid black cat aaCCDD (AA stands for "non-agouti, DD for" undiluted ").

C is completely dominant over cb, cs, ca and c. cb is not fully dominant over cs, so that a hybrid of cb with cs (a Tonkanese) looks like a hybrid between the Burmese and the Siamese. A cross of two Tonkanese delivers Burmese, Tonkanese and Siamese coloured kittens (in the ratio 1:2:1). This genetic background is confirmed by the history of Wong Mau and the first Burmese.

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