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March 11th 2006.
Mirre is doing very well. But her sneezing....she can't get rid of it. She doesn't have a runny nose, but I'm not happy with the situation.
Her Highness doesn't like the homeopathic pills anymore. She struggles or pushes her tongue to her palate. I found out that if I put her on her back, the pill goes down very easily. Gravity works miracles. I will continue to give them, because I want her to stop sneezing. Her teary eyes are almost completely gone. Every now and again I see a little drop, but it isn't much.
She still tries to drink with Djavi and the fool lets her too. Sometimes she tries to do the same with Robbyn, but he isn't up for that. He will growl once as a warning or otherwise she'll feel his teeth in her neck and he'll leave. She will stay behind fully bewildered.
Djavi's gnawing on my stuffed animals, pillowcases and so one is finally becoming less. He is unbelievably hardheaded. For the two cupboards upstairs with stuffed animals I will make mash doors. Then they'll be safe. The rest of them will be on a frame hanging from the ceiling. I've had to through away so much already.
The gnawing comes and goes. It went well for some time, but by the end of January the madness struck again. And more fierce then ever. The Bitterbite has become absolutely useless, he gnaws right through it. Is seems to become a little better now. It's only because he is such an incredible sweet fellow, otherwise I probably would have bought him a one way ticket back to Emmen.

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