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Sunday February 5th 2006

Around 18.15 o'clock picked up Stefanie and Mirre from the train station. It was drizzling a bit, but luckily not cold. Back home Robbyn and Djavi made their acquaintance through the door of the pet carrier. After one sniff Robbyn backed up whining. After that he looked for a place on the highest shelve in the back room only to remain there for the rest of the evening.
Djavi thought that the new creature was quite interesting. We put him on the floor and then let Mirre out. She went to investigate immediately with her tail held high. Djavi followed her with every step, meowing concerned when she would leave his sight.
Mirre has a firm throbbing motor and I like that very much. She butts firmly as well. She took turns for attention and butting her head with both me and Stefanie. Completely without fear she explored us and the room.
She even took a look in the back room, much to concern of Quibus and Yottum, who had found a save haven there. Except for a bit of growling, hissing and an occasional slap if she came too close, there were no reactions. Even Thia remained on top of the fish tank, although she kept an eye on things. Zohra almost bumped in to Mirre and was about to take off, but she couldn't help but to sit and watch for a moment.
To bring Stefanie back to the train station and to leave all behind safely, I locked Mirre in the bathroom, which annoyed Djavi very much. He was ever so happy when I came home again and let Mirre out of the bathroom. She walked around the room once more with Djavi as her shadow. Then she fell asleep on my lap.
At night I had planned to keep Mirre in the living room and separated from the others, who would have the rest of the house. Both Quibus and Thia had entrenched themselves so I couldn't catch them and Robbyn was still on the highest shelve. So I prepared the bathroom for the night. Put in a big crate with a warm water bottle, a litter tray and loads of toys. Then put in some food and water and my little girl could spent the night there safely.
She herself didn't quite agree. Neither did Djavi. He remained at the door complaining very loud for quite some time.
The next morning I first fed the older cats and all ate. In the meanwhile Mirre announced that she finally wanted to get out. When all had finished eating I went to her. She was more than happy to see me and climbed in me.
Once out of the bathroom Djavi was ready to receive her. He is excessively interested by her. He follows her everywhere and constantly tries to stay close to her. If she walks under or behind something (where his large body can no longer fit) he stands meowing worriedly and looking where she is.
He also tries regularly to bite her in the scruff. Mirre lets him and as soon as she feels she's free, she takes off with Djavi on her heals.

Tuesday February 7th 2006
Mirre didn't spent the night in the bathroom. The other cats were so relaxed that I dared to let them all walk freely through the house. After her (very little) dinner I wished them all good night and went upstairs. Yottum and Robbyn ran out in front of me. I was still busy when I saw Mirre appear with Djavi. She explored the whole floor and her faithful shadow followed her every move. Unfortunately for him there are plenty of small and narrow places where Mirre can get in and through, but his large body can't. If she disappeared from his sight, he strolled around mewing concerned, just until she appeared again.
At the bed end I had hung a towel, so Mirre could find her way to me there easier. That proved unnecessary, she found me anyway. I don't know where she has been all night. Round 6 o'clock she came to me and wanted to go under the blankets. There she curled herself up and remained there 'till I got up.
Mum and dad came to visit in the morning. Of course they were very curious for my little girl. Mirre was curious for them as well, from the moment she heard the doorbell. She made her acquaintance with the both of them and cuddled with them.
After dad had left mum and I emptied the sideboard, removed its legs and put a beam frame under it. Mirre was nicely in the way, found the dust buster a silly thing and wasn't afraid of the power drill either.
Then we put the sideboard back on its palace, put everything back in it and Mirre interfered as much as she could. After I had taken mum home and had some lunch I sat on the couch. Bunch of cats on my lap and I was ready for some relaxation.
At night Djavi was washing Mirre extensively, especially her ears seem to be delightful. Mirre was enjoying it all with a loud throbbing motor and at one point she started looking for a nipple. First she pushed Djavi's left paw aside, then the right one and then she searched his belly. He watched in amazement.

Wednesday February 8th 2006.
Picked up mum this morning and together we started with the bookcase. Mirre was right on top of it. She climbed in us as well for a better view. But we played quite a trick on her (without knowing it). To put a beam frame under the bookcase too, we put it face down on the floor. After a while I discovered thanks to Djavi that Mirre was under it. She was watching us through the glass windows. No panic, no sound, no attempt to get out. Quickly we lifted up the bookcase and took her out from under there. When we finished the job, we put the books back, with Mirre's help.
At lunchtime Mirre ate well, just about for the first time. Would it be stress? Does her sniffling nose have anything to do with it? I really don't like it that she eats so poorly. Luckily she is bright and active.

Thursday February 9th 2006.
Dad came to bring mum while I was still cleaning the litter trays. He played with Mirre for a moment and then left again. Mum started to empty the TV-cabinet. As soon as I had finished the litter trays, I disconnected all appliances and took them out of there. Mirre seems to enjoy all the mess. The TV-cabinet got a beam frame as well, was filled again and then it was time for lunch.
Mum had brought some rose beef.When Mirre smelt it, she went out of her mind. She tried with all her might to get hold of some of it. Hungry after all? The kibble I offered her were not interesting and she licked the meat only to ignore it after that. Precocious little thing! At night she ate well, next to Djavi she ate the remainder of Robbyn's kibble.

Friday Februay 10th 2006.
Mirre is still happy, but I'm getting concerned. She eats so poorly. She's still playful, so that's a good sign, but still.... After the next refusal to eat I phone Stefanie. She calls her a spoiled brat and suggests to give her minced beef. That will be the first thing I'll do in the morning.

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