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Wednesday September 7th 2005.
When my human came home we were allowed into the garden immediately. The sun was shining a bit, it wasn't too warm, it was rather nice really. Had a firm cuddle with my human and than I lied down in the garden. Zohra came by, we nosed for a moment. Then she started to wash me and I thought that was very nice. Only quite soon she started to wash my ears and I don't like that, so I folded them against my head. So she left.
Then Yottum came by , we nosed and....yes he wanted to wash my ears too. So I folded them again and he left as well.
I lied down somewhere else and met Quibus. Nosed with her and she wanted to wash my ears too. What's wrong with them all?

Jumped on my humans lap. She stroked me and cuddled me and she too wanted to touch my ears. Folding them with her is useless and trying to get away is too. She "mopped out" my ears as she calls it. When she finally let me go, I went to a quiet place. For the time being I don't want to see anyone.

Friday September 8th 2005.
Went into the garden again this afternoon, although it was quite warm. When it was time for dinner I sat down next to my human to persuade her to get some kibble. She was very busy and kept me waiting for quite some time.
Suddenly a flying creature landed nearby and because I was hungry, I thought it would make a nice snack. I prepared myself well, used all my experience and....caught it. Unfortunately it caught me too and it stung me in my paw. I cried out from anger and pain and then my human had time for me. She grabbed me by my scruff and took me in a hold. She ttried to see it creature had left its sting in my paw and in the meanwhile I tried to wash my sore paw. That didn't really work. My human couldn't find anything and let me wash my paw.
After all that she did make us dinner. While I was eating, my human was grumbling a bit at me. I should know by now that some flying creatures do sting, shouldn't I?!?!?!?! I let her do her thing. Soon I wasn't in pain anymore.

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