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Saturday July 30th 2005.
Today stared rather well. Just ate something and played outside. When my human left, I was asleep and didn't want a treat. A few hours later she came home again and I was still sleeping. She patted me and let me be.
When visitors came, I went to the garden. I'm sure they were nice people, ?But I wasn't feeling very well. After they had left I climbed on my humans lap and slept some more.
At dinnertime I didn't get up and I didn't want to eat. I walked upstairs and lied down on the bed. A little later my human came to check on me and than she let me sleep for an hour or so. When she came again, she thought I was very warm, she didn't trust things. She took me downstairs so she could keep an eye on me. I slept the whole evening. It wasn't until she went to bed, that I started to feel a bit better. Ate a little and than crawled against my human in bed.

Sunday July 31rst 2005.
Spent the whole night in bed with my human and slept a lot. Felt some better this morning. Ate something too, but didn't empty my bowl. Watched my human cleaning the litter trays and then I went upstairs. It's nice and peaceful there and I have the bed all to myself. I'm not alone there, usually Zohra is there too, she lies in a basket then. Robbyn came up too. First he sat on the ironing board but then he went to lay with Zohra in the basket.
Slept a lot. My human came up regularly to see how I was doing. Mid afternoon I went downstairs and went to sleep on my humans lap. Didn't want my dinner. Late at night a ate a little bit though and then climbed in bed with my human. Robbyn joined me, that was nice.

Monday August 1rst 2005.
My human and Robbyn woke my up last night. They said I was groaning. I wasn't aware of any of the sort and closed my eyes again. Robbyn wanted to play with me and started biting me in my neck. My human stopped him and then he let me be.
When we got up I still wasn't all that well but I ate a little. Then I went upstairs again to sleep some more. My human was reluctant to leave, Robbyn told me later. It took a long time before she came home again. Rob explained that she had gone to work and that it takes a long time before she's finished. If she didn't go to work, she couldn't buy us food, Robbyn said.So then it has to be.
Just before she came back, Yottum hooted:" There she is!" Everyone raced to the front door. I ran along enthusiastically and sure enough, there she was. She was happy to see us and even happier to see me downstairs looking much brighter. I was so hungry, luckily she went to the kitchen immediately to get us something to eat. I kept on calling her to hurry up.
Played rough with Robbyn, played tags and ran around the house all night. When it was late I climbed on my humans lap for a cuddle and some patting. Before going to bed I ate a lot again, played some more and then crawled up against my human to go to sleep.

Tuesday August 2nd 2005.
Woke my human up this morning by washing her hair and then gave Zohra some kisses. Ate breakfast downstairs and played in the garden. Then my human left for work again. After she had come back I played in the garden until really late. When she called us in, I came like a good boy, Robbyn too. She had to collect Quibus, Yottum and Zohra.
Before going to sleep I cuddled with my human and suddenly I saw Zohra. I walked over to her and she stretched out her paw to me. I took that for an invitation to come to play. i thought that was so cool! So I got myself all prepared for a nice wrestling match.... But that turned out to be a mistake. Zohra hissed at me and went to her basket. I didn't like that at all. Went for some consolation to my human and then I went downstairs to look for Robbyn.

Thursday August 4th 2005.
We all slept in this morning, had breakfast and went into the garden. Stayed there all morning. All of a sudden I heard my human rattling a bowl of kibble. I hurried to see if they were for me. And yes they were, so I ate them eagerly. Then my human left and when she came back it was almost dark. Se made us some food immediately and then we could go into the garden again.
It's quite exciting to be out in the dark, but it's also cold. So when my human called us, I came in a hurry. She had to collect Yottum and Robbyn and then she was missing Zohra. She turned out to be upstairs in her basket.

Friday August 5th 2005.
When mu human came home, we couldn't go outside. It was raining. She started to construct all kinds of crates, just like little houses. The others weren't all that enthusiastic about it, but I thought they were funny. Then she sat on the couch with a book. Suddenly the phone rang and after she had hung up, she grabbed Thia and put her in one of those houses. One after the other was put in one of the houses. I didn't understand and tried to see if I could get to them. I didn't succeed, I couldn't get the door open.
After a little while there was a man at the door, he turned out to be our doctor. My human picked the others one by one out of their houses. They got an injection and then they could go. When everyone but me had had an injection, the doctor man sat at the table and started writing in some papers. We were very curious, but no one dared to get closer. Then we pulled straws and Robbyn lost.
While everyone looked for a safe spot, Robbyn went to explore. I stayed in the hall watching. Robbyn received some strokes from the doctor and was tickled under his chin by him, they both seemed to enjoy that. After the doctor had left she had to call three times that she was getting our food. Rob and I were by the kitchen door in a moment, but the other didn't come out of hiding until she called them for the third time.

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