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Tuesday, July 2nd 2002.
I gave my human a heart prolapse. She was putting on buttons. That was very interesting. Moreover those things shined so much, so I put my teeth in one. While munching something snapped, I spat it out and just wanted one more bite. My human found it strange and looked at what I had spat out. Proved to be a canine. My human stressed immediately.
I had to stop playing right now, lie on my back and have my teeth inspected. Well that did not sit me, there is nothing wrong with my teeth. My human persisted and she's stronger than me so .... She eventually came to the conclusion that I had no broken teeth, but I'm changing them. I will be a big cat now and get my big teeth. For baby teeth I'm too old now.

Thursday, July 4th 2002.
My human told me that I am still active and playful and wild enough in time, but she doesn't have to grab me so often and almost doesn't have to lure me. She thinks that I've learned what I can and can not do. If she only knew ....
She is not home for hours and all I do then, she can't see. However, I do agree with her. You don't become a big cat just like that. I'm older and understand things better and have indeed learned that my human doesn't want certain things. To prevent her being mad at me (which was rarely the case), I watch out better now. But I still have tricks up my sleeve, I'm still being naughty and far from an aged cat. She should therefore be vigilant for a while.

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