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Saturday May 4th 2002.

For the first time travelling alone. The train ride was moderate. Been locked up in a crate for a long time, no view, a lot of noise and all unknown smells.
On arrival I first explored the area. Doesn't look bad. My new human isn't bad either. There are three big snarling cats walking around. Don't know about that yet. Keep out of their way. Food and drink are fine here and the litter box is clean and neat. I believe that I like it here.
At night my new human has played a trick on me. She first removed the snarling cats and I liked that. Then all the lights went out and I got a vague suspicion that the fun was over. Then she put me in a cage with some food. The food was nice, only then .... I couldn't get out and my human was gone. I gave a sad chirp and when that didn't help, I called out indignantly. That didn't help either. Then I went to see if I could get out myself. After a thorough search, I found a opening of approximately 6x6 cm. With a little effort my head went through it, then I got a paw through all the way to my shoulder. And then I lost the grip under my feet, there I hung. I couldn't go forward or backward, and that I found very scary. So I screamed very loud and kicked my feet against the cage.
Luckily my human heard me and she stood beside me very quickly. When she wanted to see how I was stuck, I got hold of a finger and I bit it very hard. With her other hand she had to push open my mouth to get her finger back. Then she helped me to get free. She did grumble at me a little, but she didn't really get angry because I had bitten her. How sweet. The best however was that she pulled me out of the cage. All things that were in the cage were also pulled out and than she shut the door. Then she caught a patch and iodine for her bleeding finger. After she was convinced that there was nothing wrong with me, she left again. Well I thought that wasn't nice, but I was pretty tired of the terror and my adventure, so I went to sleep.

Sunday, May 5th 2002.
When I awoke it was already light and I went to explore at leisure. I found some food in a bowl and enjoyed eating that. Then continued the exploration. Found some nice toys for playing and have entertained myself well. When I was tired, I took a nap. Awoke from stumbling, turned out to be my human. She prepared food and gave it to the growling cats, luckily I got a bowl too. Then I claimed my human and didn't let go. Wherever she goes, I go. And if I do not see her briefly, I call out loud that I miss her and then she usually comes back very quickly.
Spent the day playing and sleeping. The growlers aren't much trouble, but I like to keep away from them. Once they see me they start to growl and hiss, no fun. Then at night the lights went out and growlers had to leave again, I knew she was going to leave me alone again. So wherever she went, I ran like crazy with her. Unfortunately she has very long legs and can take much larger steps than me. She had already closed the door before I could get to her. Sat at the door, squeaking and calling, but that didn't help. Then I went to sleep.

Monday, May 6th 2002.
This morning greeted my human. Got a lot of delicious kibble and pats. The growlers dare occasionally come very close to me. I will remain very still. Yet they eventually always growl at me. Fortunately they don't harm me. I like my human better and better. She strokes and tickles just the right spots and she plays regularly with me. I thanked her with a face wash. Sometimes I can't reach so high and then I wash her fingers.
I even teased my human today. She was cleaning the litter boxes and I found that very interesting. So I jumped in to see how she did. That was not so convenient, because then she couldn't go on. So she put me out over and over. And without even getting a little angry. Isn't that great?
Even during the washing up, I got in the way. Then she took me into the room and just played with me. And when I liked the taste of that, she went back to work on the dishes. Eventually she finished washing up, but it took her a long time.
Have discovered the climbing wall, great fun. In no time I'm at the top. Only I don't dare to get down. I do that very carefully.

Tuesday, May 7th 2002.

Today we had visitors. Especially for me. I've hissed at them, but they weren't impressed. They smelled so strange. Then I growled, but they had to laugh. I will have to practice, because I seriously meant it. I entertain myself well, plenty of toys. Pity the growlers don't want to play, would be much more fun. They almost don't act ugly to me any more and they occasionally are coming to sniff me. Only when I turn around suddenly, they growl. When it's bedtime I don't whine or chirp. I know that she comes back when it's light.
Wednesday, May 8th 2002.
After dinner I tried to tear down the house for about two hours. I liked the climbing wall so much that I even tried the curtains. My human didn't like that. She plucked me out of there a few times while uttering cries of "no" and "shame" and "Zohra don't do that." When that didn't impress me, she pulled a trick on me. She plucked me from the curtain, said nothing, but blew hard in my face. Wow, I hadn't expected that. Then she put me down on a chair, I just shrunk together. Apparently she gets very angry when I climb the curtains. After I had promised to be good, she played with me.
At night after dinner Yottum had a very tentative attempt to play with me a few times. Magnificent! Too bad he himself was frightened by it. But it gives courage and hope for the future. They will have to like me some time, won't they? My human has broken down the cage. There was no sense to leave it while she can't lock me up in it. She is right, good riddance.
Thursday, May 9th 2002.
Quibus has sniffed at me extendedly, but then left with her nose in the air. My human said I shouldn't worry, she's just like that. Thia is no fun either. My human thinks the same, she said. Thia seems to be feeling unwell, she wouldn't eat for a while. My human doesn't put up with that and she feeds her with a syringe. Then she eats. Stupid beast!
Even played with Yottum, at least .... if he thought he just played by himself. I even chased his tail and pulled it. My human couldn't stop laughing. Unfortunately it was short lived fun, suddenly he remembered that he was a big boy and behaved like one again.
Well, I enjoy myself just fine with my toys. My mouse is doing well, the climbing wall continues to be fun and the curtains are pulled up. The latter I pity, but my human insisted. Occasionally I attack the goldfish and scare it. That glass is in the way and I can't get the lid open. I'll just have to see how my human does that.
Friday, May 10th 2002.
At breakfast Thia got some canned food and that she wanted to eat. Well, me too. So I went for it: she just hissed at me! Moreover, she put herself in reverse, so I thought I got it. My human grabbed me in my scruff. She has put me outside the kitchen with my kibble and all, so at least Thia could eat. Preposterous!
After dinner I have taken revenge, though my human thought it was an accident. When she went into the garden, we couldn't come. I was standing on the bolt, and it sank in the lock. You should have seen her face when she wanted to come back inside!! Unfortunately for us, the neighbour was home who gave her a ladder to climb over the fence. She also had a key to the door, so my human soon returned. She learns quickly, because when she wanted to go in the garden again, she first expelled us from the kitchen and then closed the kitchen door.
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