Sunday, 5 April 2020



The life of an Ocicat with the Editorial Staff is in general pretty good. Once in a while you check an e-mail, look at some photos and inspire your human to writing short stories. Of course you have to check them so see if it's all in order. When that is the case, you can give her a headbang of content. That usually provides me with a couple of cuddles, a sigh of relief and the job is done once again.

Until the holidays are coming. I know nothing about that myself, but my human appears to do so. All of a sudden all sorts of boxes and crates are brought downstairs. I like that, I can unpack like no one can. There appear to be garlands in there and balls and all sort of other things. I can touch them all, for they are cat-proof. However.... all besides the garlands, they go to pieces when you try to take them apart.

Before I know what is going on the camera is placed on a tripod, my human comes to get me and I get things put on and around my body. I'm confused by it all. That seems to please her, because the camera keeps clicking. Ah well, it's over in a jiffy. Then everything can come of. What follows are big kisses and wonderful cuddles. In that case I would be willing to (almost, but not quite) sit in front of that camera again.

Then my human takes the photos to the computer. There we study them together. Some we throw away. They look horrible. Others are okay and some have turned out really beautiful. The two of us are in complete agreement. Yet another job done, I think. But no, my human goes to work even more.

She starts to work on one of the photos (the very best in fact). Here and there an edge is taken of, then the colours are checkt. Ready? Apparently not. Now she starts searching for other pictures. One of a Christmas tree is found quick enough. Now she starts to look for a nice background. That takes a little longer, but then we find a nice one.

Now she wants a window, so you can look outside through it. I don't understand it any more, but I stay and watch curiously. Even when she finds this, she still isn't ready. Now she wants balls. Well, there are plenty of those. Red ones or golden or green or silver and blue.... yes, lets take the blue ones, they match very nicely.

Finally she starts to assemble all the pictures and combines them to one single whole. She is really busy with it and I'm not allowed to interrupt too often. That makes her cranky. After working long and hard she has finally finished. When I see the result, I'm very proud. Proud of my human because she made something beautiful. And of course I'm proud of myself too. I did help after all and lets be honest: don't I look gorgeous?

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year. Take good care of us and yourself when you handle the fireworks.

And...don't forget that wel all can celebrate a party during the Easter-show in Apeldoorn. You will come, won't you? I'll be there too!!



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