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As a breeder you can make all the plans you want. However, the implementation is entirely dependent on the cats for which you make those plans. My girls have shown me in the past years that they usually have quite a different agenda. That means I have to exercise patience, a lot of patience and must amend or postpone plans in time.

Originally I had planned a litter with Lani for early 2013. Because the two cats before her didn't wish to live according to my plans, things went somewhat differently. One cat proved to have a phantom pregnancy and had her litter 6 months later then I had hoped.

The other cat has now kept me in tension for 10 months already. She came in heat quite quickly and has stayed with the stud twice now, but sadly without the desired result. I anxiously await the next heat. Then the stud will come and stay here. We suspect the journey and staying over yield too much stress, causing her to not get pregnant to to reabsorb.

In the beginning that delay was actually rather nice. Lani had regular periods in which she couldn't hold in her food and spat it all out. Due to that she became quite skinny. Not exactly the shape you want your cat to be in when she is pregnant or becoming a mother. These periods have diminished gradually and lately things are going very well. She has gained weight again and is now in good condition.

However postponement means that all plans slide on. Including the plans for Lani. She is now 2 years old and that seems a nice age to me for her to have her first litter. But if things continue like this, that might be quite a while yet. And then the question rises: what now? What is wise?

What choices are there, what considerations should I make and what are the consequences? I can continue to wait for my cat to get pregnant, have her litter and for all the kittens to move to their forever homes. If I let Lani have her litter after that, everything will go in succession. But after Lani I have another cat waiting, also 2 years old now. She would have to wait for almost a year (or even longer).

I can stop giving Lani the pill and bring her to the stud when she gets in heat, with the possibility that I'll have 2 litters at the same time or directly behind each other. Certainly not an easy task when you have a job out of the house.
A boss does have certain expectations of his staff. All in all, the second option is still more attractive to me than the first.

Normally speaking I would give her the pill shortly. If I don't give it to her, it will of course take a while before she gets in heat and can go to the stud. Who knows if the lady I've been waiting for all this time will be kind enough to get in heat and pregnant in the meantime.

If I could choose, I would rather prefer having two litters in succession. But rather cookies aren't baked. So I will have to make choices and accept the consequences thereof. That is the prerogative of being a breeder. But believe me, I look eagerly forward to the Oci-babies!
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