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Starting your own cattery isn't always easy. I want to do things right and in a responsible manor. I'm imaging that it takes a lot of knowledge before starting anything. But how am I to learn all that?

For a start, I surf the internet. You can find a lot there. So much so, that I loose my way. I'm not all that experienced in surfing. So I asked the breeder of my own cats for advise. She would love to help me, but we live three hours driving from each other. Email has many possibilities, but sometimes a talk face to face is better.

An other breeder is willing to help too and starts by telling me that every breeder does it his/her way. Nice, that's a big help, I think to myself. After thinking about it for a while, I must admit that she is right. I have to keep on going. Every question I ask her is promptly answered with all the knowledge she has. Unfortunately she lives too far away as well.

So I ask a third breeder. She spontaneously offers to guide and teach me. Wonderful. I prepare a list of questions and make an appointment. A whole afternoon long I ask all I want to know and get so much information, it will last me quite a while. At home I work out my notes. It has been an informative afternoon.

In the meanwhile I'm searching to find my cattery name. It must be a nice name, that reads well and preferably means something nice as well. Thank goodness for the many sites with names from all over the world. The first one I find is “Paka Pendo”, Swahili for “beloved cat”. I also ask my friends husband for such a name in his language. He is from Nigeria and comes up with “Ipusi no men”, with means ”cat that's doing well”.

Because I always talk about the cat gang, I consider that for a name. But that doesn't sound right. Even the dictionary doesn't help me much. Then I find “a merry mess”. I like that one as well. Still, I keep on going.

On a site about Myanmar, the current name for Burma and also the land of origin of our beloved cats, I find the perfect name, really. I just don't know how it is pronounced. It's “Yadanapone” which is translated as “a pile of gems”. I immediately saw a basked filled with kittens in my mind. Besides the pronunciation, I decide the name is a bit long. I just keep on looking.

The next name I find is Sanskrit and means “box of jewels”. The name is “Manjusha”. The pronunciation is written in English. Even though I like the meaning and know the pronunciation, it just doesn't read well to me. So I continue my search.

For quite a while I don't find any meaningful name, in spite of all the names I see. On an evening, I don't remember how it popped up in my mind, I'm thinking of a fairytale coming true: a “true fairy tale”. I play with it and turn “tale” into “tail”, creating a “true fairy tail”. A fairytale and a cattery called after Mirre and her mother, who both have “fairy” in their name. That's got to be the one.

I email the Neocat-organisation and ask what they need to know when I want to apply for a cattery name. Soon I receive an email that explains that I need not one, but three names when I want to apply. That sucks. Finally I found the perfect name and now I have to think of two more.

Still it's quite logical. They check if there isn't a cattery named like that already or one named alike. In spite of the logic, I'm somewhat disappointed. I give myself some time to get over the shock and then pick myself up again.

I try to remain within the same theme and besides fairies, there are nymphs. I don't care much for a “nymph's tail”, so I look in the dictionary again. What can I do with a nymph? I find “nimble”, which is translated in such a way, that I find it absolutely typical and true to the Burmese. So it will be “nimble nymph”. Now finding number three.

Naiads and driads (water- and forest nymphs) don't read well to me, so what else? A whole lot of nothing before I think of a “genie”. It's translation is not as nice as I had hoped, but it brings me to “spirit” and finally to “gentle spirit”. I like that even more than “nimble nymph” and finally I have found my three names.

Again I send an email to the Neocat-organisation. In order of preference I apply with:
1.True Fairy Tail
2.Gentle Spirit
3.Nimble Nymph
After about a month I receive a letter by mail, it's my certificate of registration. My cattery name has turned out to be “Nimble Nymph”. Apparently others had already came up with my first two names. I have to accept my third choice, but that doesn't take long. Together with Mirre I'll make sure that nymphs will be born. Now all I have to do is wait for her to be old enough. Then we'll go for it.

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