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Even though the Ocicat looks wild, by character it is all but fierce. It look like a dog, in the sense that it is absolutely devoted to it's people. The Ocicat is not demanding or in the habit of claiming you, but it is confident and dedicated to it's owners. Most of them are very extrovert to strangers, not shy at all, always in to explore the possibilities of friendship or to find the lap of a visitor to curl up on.

Ocicats are rather intelligent and easy to train. Many fetch, walk on a leash, react to spoken commands and adept to the house rules quickly. Because of their ability to adjust, they're a joy to work with. They also get used to traveling quite easily.

Because of their social nature they are less suitable than other breeds to stay home alone for longer periods of time. However, that makes them a good choice for families where there are already other cats and/or dogs.

Even though the Ocicat meets the need for the exotic, they're easy to keep and don't need special care. They eat the same as other cats and their short fur just occasionally needs a bath or brushing. They're not susceptible for any particular health problem and because of their broad genetic base they are strong and vigorous.
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