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The Bombay is a black cat with the type of the American Burmese. This breed comes from America and was created by crossing a brown Burmese with a black American Shorthair. Genetically this cat is not a "black Burmese" as she is sometimes called, but a black half-Burmese (genotype aaCcbDD). The coat should be black to the roots and should shine like black patent leather, which is the most striking feature of this cat. The eyes are copper colored.

The Singapura, a breed that is bred in America since 1975, is according to the first breeders (Tommy and Hal Meadow) derived from Singapore. Initially, the Singapura usually is thought to be an Abyssinian, but of a color that we do not know with the Abyssinian: an ivory ground color with a dark brown ticking. A short, smooth coat adjacent, some marks on the legs. A round head, large ears and eyes, a muscular body. Further particularly affectionate and curious, though somewhat shy. The Singapura is genetically a brown-ticked Burmese (genotype AAcbcbDDTT).

The Burmilla is best described as a silver-coloured cat of the Burmese type. This new breed comes from England. Recently in The Netherlands the Burmilla is also present. As the name suggests, is the origin of the Burmilla to be found in the crossing of Burmese with chinchilla Persians.

The Tiffany is the long haired version of the Burmese. These cats were originally bred only in America but are now also known in Britain. They have half-long fur, soft and silk-like structure, with a bushy tail and a clear "collar".

The Tonkanese has already been discussed in the history of the Burmese. If it wasn't for Wong Mau, we might not have had Burmese. In appearance, this cat is midway between the Siamese and the Burmese. The coat is short and comes in 3 variations: mink, sepia and pointed. It is now a recognized breed in Canada, America, South Africa and Australia. In Europe it is recognized by independent organizations. One is working hard for recognition by the Fife.

New developments
In recent years one sees the Asian in England (and also in the Netherlands), the name for a group of cats of the Burmese type. The color of the fur, the pattern or the length of the fur is other than those of the Burmese. These include for example the solid colored cats in various colors, of which we only knew the Bombay until know. The Bombay is the black variety thereof, but in blue, chocolate and lilac these cats were born for some some years in the litters of Bombay crossed with Burmese. They were just never shown because there was no standard. That may change now, because the GCCF has put out a standard for these animals. In New Zealand, these cats are also known under the name Mandalay's. The ticked tabby Burmese, the Singapura is the brown variety, belong to the Asian-group. In litters of silver Burmese often ticked tabbies are born. This also applies to the smoke Burmese.

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